This is always a big question: who and how much do I tip? This may vary regionally and, of course, is dependent upon the level of service you recieve. But here are some general guidelines:

Private Events

(Private Events: Bat & Bar Mitzvahs, High School Events, Sweet & Sour Sixteen’s, Weddings, etc.)

MC: $50-$100 / DJ: $50-$100 / Dancers: $25-$50
Photographer: $50-$100 / Videographer: $50-$100
Event Planner: $200-$500 / Maitre’d: $200-$500 / Catering Manager: $200-$500

Professional Events

(Professional Events: Concerts, TV Premieres, TV Shows, Radio Premieres, etc.)

Event Manager: $350-$700
Production Manager: $300-$600
Stage Manager: $200-$500

Additional Information Below

Ultimately, feel free to tip what you feel confortable with. All gratuities are “not required” but are “encouraged” for a job well done.

Finally, the LAST thing you want to be doing at the end of your event is to be searching for cash and checks to tip your vendors. So, we recommend that you decide what you’d like to tip ahead of time, and place each tip in individually marked envelopes for each vendor.